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A.P.G Industries Services

36 years of cleaning experience at your service

This is something we are very proud of...nearly all of our team members have been with us for almost fifteen years. Why? Because we do not view them as numbers and we never refer to them as "workers" or "employees".

Every single person is a TEAM MEMBER and a strong, valuable asset to us.

We are a strong team of hard working individuals with a focus on work-life balance. Everyone is welcomed to apply as we are always on the look out for our next cleaning superstar but there is one per-requisite that we ask: Cleaning can have it's challenges and we must all work with the elements of Melbourne (4 seasons in one day) but this job is dirty, you will get sweaty (it is a form of exercise by the way) and what we seek is a hard worker - an individual that doesn't mind getting his/her hands dirty and does not drag their feet in the process. We are only seeking energetic, enthusiastic and motivated people who take direction well, listen, and are willing to ask questions and work hard.

Once you join our team, you will learn new skills with machinery and other systems. You'll be more than just a cleaner, you will be a professional with skills to match.

Please use the "contact us" page should you wish to apply and secure your position with

A.P.G Industries Services! 

Join the Team!

Why should you become part of the A.P.G Industries Services team? Firstly, your hard work will be rewarded along the way - not only once a year with a small thank you note. Here's what to expect when you join the team:

  • End of year Christmas party, all expenses paid. Partners are welcomed to come along!
  • Birthday gift to celebrate your special day
  • Generous incentives and bonuses
  • Rewards for referring a friend to join the team
  • Full training provided
  • Complete uniform
  • The ability to create wonderful, long lasting friendships